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Benefits of Sober Housing during Outpatient Treatment


For people in early recovery, sober housing offers a unique opportunity to receive the support they need while in a safe environment. While you're still living at home, it can be hard for you to avoid triggers that might cause you to relapse. In addition, some people may not be ready to deal with the stress of an active family or social life yet if they have just completed treatment. Sober housing provides an alternative option where you can receive support from other people going through similar experiences as well as a safe and healthy environment where it's easier for you to avoid temptation and stay focused on your recovery goals.

We recognize the profound benefit of sober living in recovery. It is a crucial resource in early recovery to our clients and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of recovery residences through our established partnerships in the community. Recovery residences are an essential part of a successful continuum of care and offer groups of individuals the strength and support necessary to continue building a strong foundation in recovery.

Sober housing is an option for those who are not ready to return home, but do not need inpatient treatment.

Sober housing is an option for those who are not ready to return home, but do not need inpatient treatment. Sober housing provides support and assistance with recovery from substance use disorders. It's a temporary living situation where residents can go through their recovery while still having the safety net of other people who are also working on their sobriety goals.

Sober housing helps remove the potential triggers that they may have to use drugs or alcohol.

Sober housing is a safe and supportive environment for individuals who are struggling with addiction. It removes the potential triggers that they may have to use drugs or alcohol. The individual can focus on their recovery without worrying about the temptation of using in their own home, which may lead them back into active addiction.

People in early recovery can get the support they need with a sober living environment.

People in early recovery can get the support they need with a sober living environment. A treatment program will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to stay clean, but it's also important to have other people around who understand what it's like to go through addiction and recovery.

You'll have access to other recovering addicts at all hours of the day, which means that if something comes up during your daily routine (or even in your sleep), there's someone there for you 24/7. This type of support network is crucial for people who are just starting out on their road to recovery because there are so many things that could potentially trigger an urge or relapse back into drug use: stress from work or family members; cravings related to previous habits; feeling down about yourself due not being able to function properly without drugs/alcohol anymore...the list goes on!

Sober housing gives people in early recovery the opportunity to learn good habits and develop new skills.

Sober housing, which provides temporary accommodations for individuals in early recovery, gives people the opportunity to learn good habits and develop new skills. Before you can begin building your life back up, you need a safe place where you can rest and focus on recovery without worrying about being homeless or being exposed to drugs or alcohol.

Sober housing allows individuals in early recovery to focus on their own needs and build a foundation from which they can expand into other areas of their lives. This can include:

  • Learning how to budget money wisely

  • Building healthy relationships with family members or friends who are supportive of sobriety

  • Finding ways to occupy time outside of work (such as volunteering)

A sober living situation can be a way to begin rebuilding trust with your loved ones.

One of the biggest challenges of recovering from addiction is rebuilding trust with your loved ones. If you have been living in a sober living situation, it can be an excellent way to begin this process.

For many people who are struggling with addiction, their first step towards treatment may be going home for a little while before moving into a facility or entering outpatient treatment--and there's nothing wrong with that! However, if you were raised in an abusive household where trust was broken repeatedly by those closest to you (whether they were family members or not), then returning home may feel like walking back into an unsafe environment where danger lurks around every corner.

Outpatient treatment at Foundations Group Recovery Centers Ohio can include living in a sober housing facility during treatment for people who are not ready to go home yet but also don't require inpatient treatment.

Sober housing facilities offer an important alternative to going home during outpatient treatment. For many people, it's not realistic to go back home right away. It can be difficult for family members and friends to be around someone who is still using drugs or alcohol, even if they aren't using at home. Also, many people need time before they feel comfortable living alone again after being in treatment for addiction. Sober housing allows them the freedom of living on their own while still providing 24/7 support from staff members who monitor residents' behavior and provide guidance about recovery tasks such as going to meetings or attending therapy sessions.


At Foundations Group Recovery Centers - Ohio, our partnerships with local recovery residences offer support, fellowship, and structure for men and women suffering from substance and alcohol use disorders. Recovery residences are part of the Foundation's suggested continuum of care and serve as a step-down from our substance use treatments and outpatient recovery services. Within our facilities, we offer recovery coaching, clinical support, family support groups, and more to ensure our patients remain comfortable during their stay with us. We have sought and maintained trusted partnerships with recovery residences in our community and offer them to patients throughout the Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, Dublin, Powell, Lewis Center, Worthington, Hilliard, Grove City, Marysville, New Albany, and Delaware, OH areas. Call us to learn more about our outpatient addiction treatment solutions or enroll in our addiction treatment center today!

Amenities include:

  • Lab Urinalysis

  • Clinical Support

  • Free gym membership

  • Free Wifi, Cable, &TV in each room

  • 12- Step Resources

  • On-site laundry

  • Waterfront access

So, if you or someone you love is ready to get help for drug and alcohol addiction, we can help. At Foundations Group Recovery Centers Ohio, we offer outpatient treatment programs that include sober housing options for those who are not ready to go home yet but do not need inpatient care. Call today at 5083266006 for more information about this option or visit us online at

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